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We want to meet you!

If you have never attended Activate, this is your next step at Storyline. During our time together, Pastor Akeem and Next Steps Director Sam will share their story of faith, the story behind Storyline, and the vision of where we are going. Join us for food, laughter, and connection!

Find Community 

We all have a unique story and we want to have the opportunity to know yours. Find community through attending Activate.


Discover your Purpose

Activate is a one time, 90 minute event that takes place right after service. We provide brunch and our Story Kids team will provide child care.

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Make a Difference 

We've all been created with gifts and passions that are unique to us, and we believe the local church can help you discover yours. At Activate, you'll hear how your gifts and passions can make a difference both inside the church and outside the church walls in your community.

Inquire about our upcoming Activate!

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